Please find below portfolios of our work. These exhibitions can be hired, please contact us for more info.

Portfolio 1
Monochromes : European Wetlands

Atmospheric animalscapes, taken early morning in wetlands of western Europe. 100% natural pictures (no filters nor photoshoped)

Portfolio 2
Monochromes : Rest of the World

Animalscapes taken in Sweden, Iceland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

Portfolio 3
The last Free-Roaming Elaphants

This series is all about the last remaining wild elephants : those that still migrate along their ancestral routes, not confined in "National Parks" where their behaviour is profoundly modified because of sedentarisation. From the desert elephants in Namibia, to the remaining wild elephants of Zimbabwe - they are all still free-roaming - but how long for ?

Portfolio 4
Midnight in Iceland

All the pictures of this series were shot at midnight, in Iceland, over a period going from end of June (when the sun is still quite high in the sky despite the time), till early September, when the sun sets at 9 PM. The natural colorshifts are spectacular, enhanced by atmospheric dust due to a recent volcanic erruption.

Portfolio 5
Namibia : land of Extremes

Namibia is a harsh land. It's deserts are hot & dry, barely able to support the sparce population. But it is also magnificent, with fantastic landscapes, and both people and wildlife that have adapted to the specific environment.

Portfolio 6
Icelandic Landscapes

From Jökulsárlón to Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland is one of the most unique and out-of-the-way countries in the world.

Portfolio 7
Cat Characters

Big cats are fascinating. They are the ultimate predators on land - with eyes that seem to be able to pierce your soul.

Portfolio 8
XXL Landscapes

These panoramic landscapes from around the world are very wide - some can be printed over 10 meters wide.