Welcome to this website. Throughout its pages, we would like to share our passion for our job, nature and wildlife photography, with you. Passion for the beauty of the nature around us, for it's diversity, for it's tranquility, and it's agitation. For the deserts, and the huge expanses of water. For the pigmy Kingfishers and the elephants.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for nature photography in recent years has led to its share of abuses. That's why we'd like to specify that all images shown here were taken with the well-being of the animals as the primary concern, and a strict ethical behaviour :

- No bait (live or dead, under a glass tube or stuffed with balsa / polystyrene, ...) or potentially harmful technique (putting insects in fridge / freezer to set them 'asleep', approaching a nest ...) were used to make these photos. As a result, you will not see some species commonly baited like the Snowy Owl, ...

- The photos are very close to the raw files from the camera: they are not retouched beyond the minimum required for a digital camera (or scanner for slides).

- Finally, none of these photographs were taken from some rented hides where the photos reflect only the style of the person who built and placed them, rather then the photographer's view !

Whether you are searching for an image, want to share or ask for advice, or just want to take a look, we hope you will enjoy browsing these few pages.

Thank you !

Elyane and Cedric Jacquet